Cyclic Numbers|01

Cyclic Numbers 01

Cyclic Numbers is an independent music label run by Minikin and Shade of Drums. Focused in releasing underground techno, deep and dark electronic sounds.

The first EP on Cyclic Numbers features two brand-new Minikin’s tracks, entitled Critical Suspect and Karnaugh.

Critical Suspect is a sonic journey that unfolds over time making the introduction of each music elements. Hypnotically weird melody, evolving analogue sequences arranged with dark and granulated pads immersed us into atmosphere of 80’s sci-fi movies.

Karnaugh is another story more rough and Detroit inspired. Good crafted drums , cryptically programmed sequences and extensive sounds design tell us the story about boolean expressions through music.

The Cyclic Numbers|01 is a release we can recommend to everyone who is into up to date and open-minded.

Release Date: 19.05.2014
Artist: Minikin
Genere: Techno, Electronica
Format: Digital